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Snake Eyes® Spanner
Machine Screws
Sheet Metal Type A Screws
Sheet Metal Type AB Screws
Drivers Complete-Handle With Bit
Bits Only
Spanner Nuts
Spanner Nut Bit
Spanner Nut Driver Complete
Breakaway Nuts
Socket Security
Bits Only
Drivers Complete-Handle With Bit
Torx® Security
Bits Only
Drivers Complete-Handle With Bit
Torx Bit Kit #TX7B and TX9B
Torx Key Kit #TX5K
Phillips Security
Bits Only
Drivers Complete Handle with Bit
Bits Only
Drivers Complete-Handle With Bit
Opsit® Reverse Thread
Truss Head / Sheet Metal Left-Handed Thread Screws
TP3® Triangular Recess
"Un-Do-It" Removal Tools
One-Way Sex Bolt
Metric Screws
Metric Snake Eyes®
Metric Torx® Security
Metric Socket Security
Standard Torx® (Non-Tamperproof)
Tools and Kits
Complete Tool Kit
Magnetic Hand Drivers
Spanner Screw Kit
Torx® Security Screw Kit