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Security Fasteners

Tamper-Resistant Security Fasteners

Tamperproof Screw Co. specializes in stainless steel tamper-resistant security fasteners and screws. We have a variety of head-styles, drives and matching tools for the installation and removal of these security fasteners and screws. Tamperproof supplies millions of stainless steel security fasteners and tens of thousands of matching tools throughout the world.

Our high-quality security fasteners are tamper-resistant and can protect you from things such as vandalism, theft, tampering, and even corrosion. With the help of these screws, you will be able to save thousands of dollars by being able to ward off these threats.

A Wide Array of Security Fasteners

Our security fasteners come in sheet metal and machine threads. We have many styles available, including Snake-Eyes® Spanner, Phillips Pin-Head, Socket Pin-Head, Opsit™ Reverse Thread, Torx® Pin-Head, Tri-Wing®, One-Way Slotted, TP3®, Standard Non-Tamperproof Torx®, Spanner Nut/Removable Security Nut, and breakaway Nut/Non-removable Security Nut. We also have screws available with the following head styles: pan, flat, truss, button, sheet metal, metric, oval, machine MS, and self-drilling.

Tamperproof is Your One-Stop Shop for Security Fasteners

With Tamperproof, you can be assured you will be receiving the best in quality and service. For over twenty-five years, we've been a leading manufacturer of security fasteners, spanners, nuts, bolts and more. We also offer a complete line of matching screwdriver tools and an assortment of convenient kits that can be used to install and remove your security fasteners. Without such tools, these security fasteners and screws are virtually impossible to remove.

Our tamper-resistant security fasteners are a smart choice when security matters. Our extensive collection of professional grade security fasteners are sure to get the job done. We stock thousands of security fasteners, screw sizes and head styles, and many orders are shipped the day they are placed. Our competitive pricing and accurate, up to date stock information make getting the security fasteners you need fast and easy. For more information on security fasteners or to order a free catalog, continue browsing.


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