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Security Screws

Tamper-Resistant Security Screws

Tamperproof Screw Co. manufactures quality-made security screws that are tamper-resistant and virtually impossible to remove without the proper tools. Tamperproof has many types of security screws to choose from, along with spanners, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more. Our security screws are tamperproof and are also the toughest and most durable fasteners you can find.

Advantages of Security Screws from Tamperproof Screw Co.

Since the late 1970s, Tamperproof Screw Co. has been designing and manufacturing innovative security screws and fasteners suitable for a variety of uses. You will find our selection and customer service second to none, with many orders of security screws, fasteners, and tools shipped the day you place them.


Our professional grade security screws are tamper resistant and can protect you from things such as vandalism, theft, tampering, and even corrosion. With the help of these security screws, thousands of dollars can be saved by warding off these threats.

A Large Variety of Tamperproof Security Screws

Tamperproof features a large array of security screws, fasteners, and tools. Among the different styles of security screws to choose from are:

  • Snake-Eyes® Spanner
  • Phillips Pin-Head
  • Socket Pin-Head
  • Torx® Pin-Head
  • Opsit™ Reverse Thread
  • One-Way Slotted
  • TP3®
  • Standard Non-Tamperproof Torx®
  • Spanner Nut/Removable Security Nut
  • Breakaway Nut/Non-Removeable Security Nut


Our security screws will provide added security with their innovative drive design. This design prevents removal with ordinary screwdrivers. Tamperproof Screw Co. offers a variety of security screws and fasteners, with many head, thread, and point styles. These include:

  • Pan
  • Flat
  • Truss
  • Oval
  • Button
  • Sheet Metal
  • Metric
  • Self-drilling
  • Machine MS


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