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Tamper Resistant Screws

Large Selection of Screws and Nuts

Tamperproof Screw Co. specializes in tamper resistant screws as well as security fasteners, spanners, nuts, bolts and more. At Tamperproof Screw Co., we manufacture the toughest and most durable security screws around. They are available in both sheet metal and machine threads.

Our tamper resistant screws provide a higher level of security for you with their drive design, which prevents removal with normal screw drivers. Tamperproof Screw Co. has a number of head-styles, driver kits and matching tools for installation and removal. These tamper resistant screws are suitable for providing tamperproof fastening for a wide range of applications. We also offer special tool kits which allow for easy placement and removal of our tamper resistant screws.

Durable Tamper Resistant Screws

Tamperproof's tamper resistant screws will allow you to save thousands of dollars by protecting you from such things as theft, vandalism, corrosion, and tampering. We have a large selection of tamper resistant screws, including Snake-Eyes® Spanners, Phillips Pin-Heads, Socket Pin-Heads, Opsit™ reverse threads, Torx® Pin-Heads, Tri-Wing®, and TP3®, standard non-tamperproof Torx®, spanner nut/removable security nut, and breakaway nut/non-removable security nut. We also have tamper resistant screws available with the following head styles: pan, flat, truss, button, sheet metal, metric, oval, machine MS, and self-drilling.

Superior Tamper Resistant Screws

At Tamperproof Screw Co., you will be sure to find professional grade tamper resistant screws in various styles, heads and threads. Since the late 1970s, we have been manufacturing and designing innovative, durable tamper resistant screws for customers all over the globe. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about tamper resistant screws. Our accurate inventory and shipping system mean you'll know when your order can be shipped and when it will arrive. We can usually ship your tamper resistant screws on the same day if your order is received by 1:45pm Eastern Time. Don't forget to download a free catalog for a complete list of all Tamperproof products.


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