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TAMPERPROOF SCREW COMPANY was founded in the late 1970’s when George Friedman developed the Phillips Pin-Head security screw. A longtime veteran of the fastener and hardware industry, George recognized the need for a fastener company specializing in stainless steel tamper-resistant screws. With the help of a local machine shop, George began to offer drilled spanner screws ( later to become our trademarked SNAKE EYES® ) and Phillips Pin-Head screws.

Initially, sales were solicited through direct mail, primarily to institutional end-users such as prisons and schools. In 1981, George's daughter Alaina Picitelli, a former schoolteacher, joined Tamperproof and together they expanded their market to include distributors. The product line was further expanded to include One-Way slotted screws.

TAMPERPROOF SCREW CO., INC. was incorporated in January 1983. Shortly thereafter George and Alaina were joined by another family member. George's son Lew left the advertising industry in New York City and joined the growing business. Lew's marketing skills gave the company an increased presence in the industry. George passed away in 2013, but Tamperproof continues to be a leader in the security screw industry. Principals are Lew Friedman (President) and Alaina Picitelli (Vice-President). In 2011 Alaina's daughter Alessandra joined Tamperproof , bringing a third generation to the company. Rick, Alessandra’s husband, came aboard in 2019.

Today, TAMPERPROOF employs 15 and occupies 10,000 square feet in Hicksville, New York. Situated on suburban Long Island with a population of some 50,000 people, Hicksville is a commercial and transportation hub located 30 miles east of New York City. The Tamperproof product line now includes eight styles of tamper-resistant fasteners: Besides the original Snake Eyes® and Phillips Pin-Heads, we stock One-Ways, Torx® Security, Socket Pin-Head, Tri-Wings® and Opsit®, the left-handed thread Tri-Wing screw. In October, 2000 we introduced the TP3 Triangular Recess Drive. We specialize in stainless steel screws. Of course, a complete line of matching screwdriver tools are available, including an assortment of convenient kits. And we're always expanding our metric line to accommodate our ever-growing international market. We now offer Snake Eyes®, Torx® Security, and Socket Pin-Heads in metric sizes. Standard non-tamperproof Torx sheet metal screws have also been added to our stocked inventory. We carry security nuts, as well: Zinc-Alloy Spanner Nuts for easy removal with our matching tool, or aluminum Breakaway Nuts for permanent installation.

SNAKE EYES®, OPSIT® and TP3® are trademarks of the Tamperproof Screw Co., Inc., of New York. With these brand names, as well as the licensed Torx® and Tri-Wings®, you can always be assured of the best in quality and service. We stock thousands of screw sizes and head styles, and all matching tools. A call, fax, or e-mail to our sales office assures you quick, knowledgeable, and courteous service. Whether you speak to Lew or Alaina, or the other Tamperproof “family" members in sales: John, Alessandra, and Rick, you will receive competitive pricing and accurate stock information. Since nearly all our catalog-listed products are in stock, most orders received by 1:45 PM (Eastern Time) can ship the very same day..

TAMPERPROOF SCREW CO., INC. of New York supplies millions of stainless steel tamper-resistant screws and tens of thousands of matching tools throughout the world. We welcome you to our Web Site. Just click on the appropriate information and let us get to know you better!